Cargo Master is a company operating in the field of international shipping, express delivery, and an intermediary agent for leading international express delivery firms in the form of Door to Door (door to door delivery, door delivery). They are one of the best moving overseas shipping companies.

Moving overseas shipping companies

With an increasing number of Australians living overseas, the demand for transporting goods overseas from Australia has increased dramatically. However, not all service providers offer the same price for their services because of the characteristics of each type of delivery and route of delivery. CargoMaster is no exception.


With the policies and regulations of each country, when you send your goods abroad, you should pay attention to the regulations of this country on the packing specifications before shipping, specifically.


Postal items are goods such as letters, postcards, publications, small packages. The postal parcels must be packed according to the principle of goods packaging and overseas transportation of goods.

Moving overseas shipping companies
Shipping to the US, Australia and Canada are the main markets. We will satisfy your export needs with closed service. confidentiality of our company. International shipping, with a staff of enthusiastic, hard-working, experienced, well-trained, will solve all your questions and requests. We carry out shipping to all countries around the world.

Logistics Beyond Expectation.

Moving the Way you Want

We always respect CUSTOMERS. CargoMaster has built a team of professional delivery staff to provide you with absolute satisfaction. With staff with years of experience in the express delivery industry, overseas delivery, shipping goods from Australia to overseas.

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